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This isn't politics. This is personal. I'm a Christian dad with two teen daughters. You may not have faith in God, but if you believe in biology I need you. If you are ready to expose the lie of gender ideology and battle the grooming, sexualization, and mutilation of minors, we need to be in the trenches together. Trust me we are at war with schools, doctors, hospitals and countless woke corporations trying to literary not just silence, but brainwash, drug, and systematically erase your daughters, my daughters, and females everywhere. Why females? Because they have the most to lose. So whether you are a social media warrior, an artist, a writer, an organizer, or just a fed-up dad like me fighting in the streets, I want you on my side.  I will use God as my light, sword, and shield. You swing biology as your battle axe or whatever weapon you wield well. Mount up.  

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