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Clownfish are cute and funny. This is not. Clownfish are one of the few animals that change sex. Humans cannot. Yet we have doctors. teachers. and other authority figures literally seducing children to believe they change their gender like changing a fresh pair of underoos every morning. Santa Claus. Easter bunny. Clownfish is not a hard sell at that age. Don’t believe me. I have seen it firsthand with a child after child. It’s mainly girls who fall for the myth.


Let me give you a number, 98.7. Between 2016 and 2019 1114 teenagers agreed to remove their healthy breasts as females or surgically add them as males. 98.7% of those unnecessary surgeries were females. Wow, I know. Almost 100%. As a father of two teenage girls, this number hit me very hard. A big reason I created this website and consider this my second job now. Remember also that just over a thousand coercive surgeries were performed on teens in three years, but today those numbers are exponentially higher in 2023. Gender ideology is the new tattoo. Everyone wants one but just a bit different than the other person. Only the aftermath of a drunken tattoo is reversible and short-term misery. "Gender-affirming surgery" has lifelong consequences. For one, you never stop taking drugs and the side effects from the toxins in your body are perpetual. Also, your sex life will never be normal or you may not have a sex life at all. Finally, you will never have the option to breastfeed your child and in many cases having kids is out of the picture completely. All this and more is manipulated away from you before you can even legally get a tattoo. Ironic isn't it?


So why do so many more girls choose to have “top surgery”? Which in reality is a double mastectomy. By the way, it’s purposeful to give a surgery usually reserved for those who have life-ending cancer a cute sterile little name like "top surgery." It sounds so hip and in.  All the cool kids are hacking off their breasts.  Back to my point. Girls are more often seduced into surgery because females are much more likely to have body image issues. Females are also judged way more harshly for their physical appearance than males in society so they are prime targets when they feel bad about their bodies.  Most importantly girls consume social media way more than boys.  Boys are to busy shooting up shit on violent video games. Social media is where it’s all about how you look on the outside not inside. Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok, and others are ground zero for brainwashing girls. A big reason my girls are not on social media and thankfully they still identify as girls.


While my daughters still identify as a girl, more and more in my town are led to believe they can change their sex like clownfish. Some of these girls are friends of my kids. I have watched the fantasy land journey of seduction happen over and over. First, it starts with a pediatrician asking a kindergartener if they are a boy or a girl. Seeding doubt in the child about born biology by a medical professional is child abuse. Then you have a teacher at school often times with cool glittery sparkly hair and bright fun clothes reinforcing the biological lie. This is basically like giving a kid a candy bar. Little will stop them from devouring it. The kid sees the cool hair and clothes, not the lie they are being sung. Along with the hip attire, you also get a cool pronoun to make you stand out and feel special. Who doesn’t want to feel special? Even better you can change your name to some awesome name you can make up. No longer am I Paula. I’m “P Lo”. Defying your parents is the best and your school is all on board. This is cool superhero identity is what they call non-binary. See the seduction. Binary is so boring. I can be anything I feel like. Focus on the fun and defiance, not the child you are grooming to deny reality. After that. You know I’m not really feeling like a girl. It's so much more awesome to be something with all the cool cache You know the old term "Tomboy" which often meant the child was gay. That term does not exist anymore. The child is thinking well I’m not really into girl things maybe I am a boy. My doctor and my teacher said I could be a clownfish. I mean a boy. Hey doctor, "I’m not sure if I’m a boy or a girl. What can you do”. The doctor says, "well we can put you on puberty blockers and stop you feeling like a girl completely and deny the God-given biology from happening and confuse you even more."  Girl says “sure let’s do that.” A couple of years later. Hey doc I’m not feeling much like a girl.” Doctor says, "I got just the thing for you testosterone shots”. "What's that doc?" Doc says back, "it’s a chemical males naturally have much more of in their body. It really makes you feel like a clownfish, I mean a male." The teen girl says back, "hey that sounds like a great idea. Let’s do that." A year later. Hey hypnotist disguised as a doctor,  "I think I’m really a boy.  can we take my breasts off and maybe later give me a fake penis that looks really different and never gets hard. Throwing away my chance to ever have children, never having a normal sex life, always taking drugs, and pretending I’m a clownfish for the rest of my life." Sure doc smiles back,  "we will work in next week on the schedule between the dozen other top surgeries I have."  Ching Ching!


Is this exactly how it goes? No. I did try to add some sarcastic humor and poetic license, but what is very accurate is “gender-affirming” surgery is the new Baywatch boob job or lack thereof for 2023. Also again "gender-affirming" is another one of those slick marketing  words that gloss over the horror of removing breasts, mutilating a vagina, manufacturing a penis from skin shaved from your forearm, and destroying the chance for teen girls to have kids or eradicating the experience a normal sex life again.” I can tell you firsthand I know more than a handful of teens just in my town who were girls in kindergarten, nonbinary in middle school, and clownfish (boys) in high school. This is no joke. It’s real, and I’m getting out in the real world to stop it for my daughters, your daughters and those babies not even born yet.

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