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The YMCA is deliberately deceiving millions of members with their locker room signs. Walk into almost any branch in the Y's ten thousand across the country and the signs will read "Women's Locker Room". The reality is they are lying to your face. Trans women, trans men, and non-binary along with women are allowed inside. Those words came straight from the mouth of the director of a local YMCA.  Most members don't know this naked truth, and some find out the hard way as we see reports more and more on the news from frightened and often understandably angry females. My daughter was one of those females informed she had to shower with males in the girl's locker room.  Whether it is a law of the state or not to allow naked males with naked females, the YMCA has an ethical obligation to advertise the truth to its members. My demand is the YMCA reinstall new signs all over the USA that reflect they allow more than just females in the women's, girl's, boy's, and men's locker rooms. Females especially should know what they are walking into. The YMCA knows if they are transparent about their open-door locker room policy it could be really bad for business. The video above of me trying to let members know this policy is proof of what lengths they will go to keep it quiet. (read the full story here).  Either the YMCA cares more about making money or they care more about being honest with their members. I already canceled my family membership after being a member for over 50 years. I'm not asking you to do that, but please sign my petition for my daughters and females everywhere.

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