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I know it is hard to look at but imagine how the teenage girl feels who is seduced into this immoral surgery practiced at Boston Children's Hospital in Massachusetts regularly.   This horrific procedure is twisted into a cute  horribly misleading name called "bottom surgery. " Just one of the horror-ridden surgeries unethical doctors practice at this gender clinic.  After an innocent teen is brainwashed to think she is born in the wrong body. She is led to sterilizing puberty blockers, then persuaded to take side effect-ridden cross-sex hormones.  Next, they normalize slicing off a girl's healthy breasts. Still not feeling like a man because she is not,  finally these butchers coax girls to slice off layers of skin that never grows back on their forearms to create an artificial penis made from the skin of a girl's forearm. A devilish procedure that leads to a painful and, abnormal sex life forever.  Just like that before a girl can buy a drink in a bar her chances of ever breastfeed or even having children are stolen from her. Boys trying to become girls are led down a dead-end road to and have an equally horiffic path but by far the large majority of these surgeries are girls hopelessly trying to become boys. This is anything but "Gender affirming care." It is criminal. That's why in June we will protest even bigger than we did for girls' sports in Franklin Massachusetts. Save your anger and disgust and energy for "Speak Up for Minors" as we picket Boston Children's Hospital.  Leave your full contact info below and I will contact you personally about the details of this event. To keep this event as safe and secure for Dad Fed Up members as possible we will need to confirm your identity and reason for participating before sharing the event specifics. 

Sign up to join our picket at Boston Children's Hospital as we expose their pumping teens full of sterilizing hormones and mutilating their bodies.

Your privacy is well protected.


Date to be determined
Boston Children's Hosptial
300 Longwood Ave
 Boston MA  02115 

The horrors of 'Gender Affirming Surgery" needs to be exposed.  This is a fight for the next generation of children as Boston Children's Hospital unethically brainwashes, sterilizes, mutilates, and rips the innocence away from children for profit. We will be there in June to say something about that and expose their criminal acts. Sign up for more details above. 

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