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I was a member of the YMCA for fifty years. My parents taught me how to swim there as a baby, and I did the same with my daughters decades later. All that changed when I told my teenager what the YMCA told me, “if your girl does not want to shower with males in the women's locker room she can go to the all-gender locker room.” She was livid. That's when I found out “the naked truth” the YMCA did not want out. I heard this hidden rule first from an employee on the phone, and later straight from the mouth of the director of the YMCA from another branch. Since finding this out I tried to talk to the YMCA here, but they have ignored all my communication attempts. They did however send their lawyers to intimidate me, sick the police on me to scare me to silence and issue me a no trespassing ordinance. Oh, and almost every social media account of mine has been suspended. So, what's “the naked truth” they are terrified to get out? "Every gender is allowed in every locker room and bathroom in every YMCA across America even though their signage tells their 20 million members differently. If they want to take away every private space from every female in 10,000 locations across the nation that is their business., but having signs deceiving millions of members, that's wrong. That's called false advertising, and being a copywriter for decades, I know legal action is warranted for that kind of misinformation campaign. I don't want that. I just want the YMCA to post correct signage on their locker rooms and bathrooms. I put a couple petitions on, but they were all removed by them with little reason. So, I decided to start my own at Thanks for supporting my efforts for transparency at the YMCA.

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